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Accommodation/The Bedrooms

Hotel Bjarg has recently added Televisions with built-in Web-browsers to surf the internet for all bedrooms with private bathrooms/WC. We have five bedrooms with private WC and three with sharred bathrooms. The bedrooms with private bathrooms also have a small Fridge and a hot-water boiler for complementary tea. Exquisite oceanfront view can be experienced from all the bedrooms. The bedrooms have been totally renewed and bathrooms consist of stainless steel materials for excellent sanitary. Down comforters are in all of the beds and down pillows to help you reach dream world. For those who are allergic to latex or down, the hotel has other mattresses and covers/pillows for our guests. All the linen is of a high thread count brought in USA. The hotel is one of the cheapest hotels that offer such high quality for you and that translates as a good deal/good rest for guests at Hotel Bjarg. Please enjoy your stay with us and don´t hesitate to ask for anything!
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