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Hotel Bjarg is the ideal choice for your accommodation in Eastern Iceland and luxury at a reasonable price is offered by the hotel.

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It is one of the easternmost settlements of Iceland and Hotel Bjarg is a small but beautiful little Hotel in the Eastern fjords of Iceland.


Hotel Bjarg is the ideal choice for your accommodation in Eastern Iceland and luxury at a reasonable price is offered by the hotel.
The Hotel is built over running water which seems to have a tranquility effect on those who sleep here. The hotel is constructed with concrete and there is double glass in all the windows to quiet any unwanted exterior noise.
Aluminum sheets cover all the outside walls and there is thick insulation within the walls to ward off the cold winter months or a cool summer night.
There is central heating through the hotel and also extra heaters are located inside of all rooms if needed.
The excellent construction of the facility insures that your stay at the hotel will be warm and safe within this mini fortress.
The hotel offers free internet connections to the guests and there is no extra charge for the ocean front view from the bedrooms. There is a big wooden deck out of the banquet room that smokers like to use because there is no smoking allowed inside of the hotel.
There is also a large gas grill out there and fish/meat can be barbequed if the weather is good.. The current owner has totally rebuilt the interior and has been operating the hotel for the last 5 years.
Hotel Bjarg is one of the few Eastern Coast hotels that are operating on a full year basis to travelers and we are glad to provide you with excellent service that we have learned through the years!


history-of-bjarg-hotelIceland is the land of Fire and Ice. Once you have visited the island it becomes clear how Icelanders live so closely to the elements that make our nature so unique. We try to utilize all that our environment has to offer us Icelanders but we do not want to abuse our resources. We have clean air, water and most of our foods are produced without any pesticides because we have so few bugs. The fishing industry produces about 60% of our GNP and is crucial to the Eastern coast inhabitants that are working there.
Faskrudsfjordur has 2 large boats that provide the villagers with adequate fish exports. The town consists of about 700 individuals and about 200 work at the fishing plant. The Hotel Bjarg cook gets his fresh fish dishes from the plant and there is usually a special dish offered daily to hungry visitors. The village atmosphere is peaceful and well suited for families.
The Fjord was a fishing port for French fishermen that used the long deep fjord for exporting fish to France and was utilized by them till about 1930. There was also a Whaling station located on the fjord but the remains are mostly gone. Today whales are known to hunt fish into the Fjord regularly and hang out for many days. Reindeer are free to roam where they wish and so are the Icelandic sheep. The freedom to choose your own diet gives these animals a unique taste and that makes the meat different depending on where the animal came from. Please be careful of not hitting them with your automobile because they have the right away on the open road and they are totally free to roam where they wish. The Icelandic horse is unique with 5 different walks and some places offer horse rides for the adventurous traveler.


Hotel Bjarg has recently added Televisions with built-in Web-browsers to surf the internet for all bedrooms with private bathrooms/WC. We have five bedrooms with private WC and three with sharred bathrooms. The bedrooms with private bathrooms also have a small Fridge and a hot-water boiler for complementary tea. Exquisite oceanfront view can be experienced from all the bedrooms.
The bedrooms have been totally renewed and bathrooms consist of stainless steel materials for excellent sanitary. Down comforters are in all of the beds and down pillows to help you reach dream world. For those who are allergic to latex or down, the hotel has other mattresses and covers/pillows for our guests. All the linen is of a high thread count brought in USA. The hotel is one of the cheapest hotels that offer such high quality for you and that translates as a good deal/good rest for guests at Hotel Bjarg. Please enjoy your stay with us and don´t hesitate to ask for anything!

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